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Blue Light Therapy is a type of photodynamic therapy, or PDT, used to treat various conditions and disorders.  These include different types of precancer and cancer cells, and dermatological conditions.  Dermatologists are using PDT in the treatment of acne, skin cancer and rosacea, and also to reduce signs of aging.  Currently, esophageal cancer is one of several being treated by blue light therapy, including lung cancer.  
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These are some PDT lasers we have in our inventory. 
CureLight Clear 100XL
Description: Good. Clear 100 by Cure Light, Ltd.
Photo Therapeutics Ltd. Omnilux Phototherapy System
Description: Good. Omnilux Phototherapy System with Blue and Revive (Red) heads
Big Sky Laser Prolite II
Description: Good. Prolite II Intense Pulsed Light Dermatology System